FAA-Approved Training Device


Instrument Rating Requirements at Pilot Training Northwest, LLC

FAR part 61 Flight School:

     Must Have Private Pilot Certificate, Airplane

     Prior to Check Ride You Must Have the Following Flight Experience:

          50 Hours PIC Cross Country Time Logged

          40 Hours Actual or Simulated Instrument (up to 20 can be in ATD)

          15 Hours Instruction with CFII in an Airplane

          3 Hours Dual Instruction for Check Ride Prep within 2 Months

Estimated cost for a pilot with 50 hours PIC Cross Country Completed:

     $1400 -- 20 Hours In Aircraft Training Devices with CFII 

     $2925 -- 15 Hours In Airplane with CFII

     $1360 -- 8 Hours to Complete 40 Hours and 3 Hour Check Ride Prep

     As needed, plane rental to build time and complete cross country hours

     $125 per Hobbs Hour.

Rough estimates only, no warranty these are your actual costs.

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New Garmin Panel, C-150

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Discovery Flight

Simulated instrument training saves time and a lot of money. FAA-Certified Training Device allows logging flight time and instrument currency.  Take a Flight, Click Play on This Video

Advanced Graphics, instrument panel and enclosure for simulated realism unmatched in BATDs.  Pilot Edge allows simulator training with REAL Air Traffic Controllers.

This quality of ATD training is not available anywhere else in our area.  Save Time & Money while Getting The Best Training Around.

The BATD is owned by North Idaho High School Aerospace, a non-profit. Your fee is a donation to that great youth aviation program.

Instrument Training -- Glass Panel or Steam Gauges?

The debate is real.  Does one become a better instrument pilot starting with advanced avionics, or old-style round gauges?  How about the best of both worlds?   Flying with Pilot Training Northwest, LLC gives you the experience and confidence you need to fly "Green Needles," but the knowledge and practice you want to transition into the World of the Magenta Line -- Glass Panels.

Our training plane is equipped with new, modern, state-of-the-art Garmin avionics and practice approaches are near by. 

More importantly, our CFII instructors know instrument flying from experience as professional pilots and certified instrument instructor ratings.  And, the cost savings are huge.

Save your money for hour building while you get excellent training and personal attention.

Standard Hourly Rates*


  Dual Flight Instruction: $205 per Hobbs Hour
  Solo Flight -- $135 per Hobbs Hour
  Plane Rental -- $135 per Hobbs Hour
  Simulator Use -- $35 per Clock Hour

CFII For Simulator Sessions -- $75 per clock hour
  CFII in Your Plane-- Negotiable  (You Must Be PIC & Insured)
 Ground School For Knowledge Exams --$40 per Clock Hour.

Other Costs--
     Instrument Airplane Knowledge Exam:  $165

Instrument Airplane Practical Exam (Check Ride):  $800

Reference Materials Online Test Prep -- $___

*Subject to Change Without Notice