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Ken Larson.  Ratings:  ATP, AGI, CFI, CFII, Part 107 Remote Pilot (Drones), Airplane Single Engine Sea Commercial Priveleges, FAA Gold Seal Instructor.

Over 40 years military and civilian flight training experience. Flown super sonic jets, business jets, test pilot for Citation certification (Atlas Winglets), float planes, aerobatics.  Law Degree from Texas Tech, Post Doctorate Law, University of Washington.  On practicing law: "After the cockpit of a super-sonic jet, I just could not fit into a law office."

"We only employ professional instructors whose commitment to the student's success is proven genuine. We standardize procedures and have learned to be efficient, effective and successful.  Each flight lesson is tailored to meet the student's specific needs."  KOL

US Air Force Instructor Pilot

Ken Larson, CFI, CFII

Flight Training, Plane Rental: (208) 304-1121


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Business Jet Captain

"Lupe," Cessna 150F, Most Popular Training Plane

"Zoey," Light Sport, CH601XL Zodiac

Flight Simulator - VFR or IFR

  • BATD, FAA Certified
  • Excellent Graphics
  • Low Cost
  • Realistic Flight
  • Log IFR Currency Approaches
  • CFII Instructors.

Training to a Higher Level / Certified Flight Instructors

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  • AOPA
  • EAA
  • EAA Chapter 1441
  • International Aerobatics Club