"If you aren't having fun, we need to fix that. Remember, your first lesson is free."

  Ken Larson, Pilot Training Northwest, LLC

"From my first flight with Ken in high school to helping me prepare for my first airline interview, I have been very fortunate to have learned from Pilot Training Northwest and truly credit Captain Larson for the success I have had in this career."  Maggie Kirscher, Republic Airlines First Officer

"When Arianna said she was going to be a helicopter pilot, none of us dared to doubt her."  KL

Gavin Klein, airframe mechanic, pilot, instrument student. "Pilot Training Northwest believed in me. Thank you!"

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"Oh, hell yeah."  Lena Haug

2014 PTN student, Sam is now a flight instructor in Phoenix with a Republic Airline class date in December 2019. Congrats, Sam. We are proud of you.

"Pilot Training Northwest helped make this possible."  Maggie Kirscher

We support the quality, positive organization that is our region's strongest and only non-profit 501(c)(3) flying club.

Ryan Turner, commercial pilot, is moving on from throwing people out of his plane, to Grand Canyon Tours in Arizona and beyond. Wishing him the best.

"I could not recommend this program enough. It is not only cost-effective, but I was given invaluable opportunities that I honestly wouldn't be where I am today without them."Carly Orr, Multi-Engine Commercial, Instrument Pilot, working on CFI

Quality simulator training saves time, money and really works for private, instrument and commercial students. Join us for a sim session.

"In support of student aviation program. Fun Field Trip!"

Pilot Training Northwest, LLC

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"From my first lesson in a Cessna to flying this jet, Pilot Training Northwest and Ken stuck with me.  Thanks." CD

"Professional, experienced and caring instructor who is dedicated to the success of his students."

Mick Taylor, instrument student, private pilot

Winter Formation Flight -- Train Year 'Round

Drone class was a hoot! Build 'em, fly 'em. Part 107 & DJI Training